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Soltech Life Sciences is a fast growing pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of a comprehensive range of healthcare products with an enduring focus on innovation and quality. Soltech Life Sciences is determined to achieve the goal of becoming a force in affordable and innovative healthcare solutions. We believe in providing quality healthcare through a mix of general and innovative products which directly impact the life of the common people in India. Our core strength lies in our diverse product portfolio designed to address various unmet patient needs.Going forward, we will further follow strict ethical standards and work to achieve the highest quality in all corporate activities. In doing so, we will respond flexibly to our changing times and environment and proactively take on new challenges as we strive to energize and expand the market.

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Success needs consistency and the passion to be consistent

Our flagship company Solace Biotech Limited has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past eighteen years to pursuing our vision to become best loved pharmaceutical company.

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